A Deep Smile, A Big Year // 2020 SCIONWOOD ORDERS OPEN

GREETINGS ONCE AGAIN Hello my dear friends! Happy new year and happy new decade. I hope all of you had great celebrations during the holiday season and have begun making new year’s resolutions that involve planting and caring for trees, and one another. First off, I want to say loudly that I have a lot […]

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Gnarly Pippins

gnarly adj. Gnarled, misshapen, difficult, tangled. Slang. Cool, good, nasty, hairy, bad. pippin noun. An apple grown from seed. Slang. An excellent person or thing.“Gnarly Pippins” is a loving nod to the untamed, indigenous apple of the temperate world. Limitlessly adaptable to its present surroundings, the genus Malus encompasses as much variation among its denizens as we […]

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